Kyrenia Harbour

Things to do in Kyrenia

Things to do in Kyrenia

  • Pay a visit to the Eastern Mediterranean’s most magnificient example of gothic architecture at the Bellapais Abbey.
  • See St. Hilarion Castle, one of the Kyrenia mountain range’s three legendary and enigmatic castles and the inspiration for Walt Disney’s fairy castle in his film of  “Sleeping Beauty”.
  • At St. Hilarion marvel at the awe-inspring view of Kyrenia and Northern coast of Cyprus, from the Queen’s Window situated at 732 metres above sea level.
  • Visit the Herbarium at Alevkayasi where you can see the collection of all plant species endemic to Cyprus including rare species. Take part in an “Orchid Trail Walk”. The best time for this is from January to May.
  • Take a first hand at one of nature’s wonders; the hatching of turtles at Alagadi Beach. The months of July, August and September are the most suitable for this most unforgettable of experiences. You gave the chance to watch Caretta Caretta and Chelonia Mydas(Green Turtle) hatchlings’ first randezvous with sea.
  • Take a trip back in time with a visit to see the remains of the 2300 year old sunken trading vessel in the Ancient Shipwreck Museum inside Kyrenia Castle.
  • Take a pleasant stroll through the lanes and paths of the English village of Karmi(Karaman) nestled on the mountainside overlooking Kyrenia. All the streets carry the name of the flowers which are so abundant here.
  • Discover the underwater wealth of Kyrenia region by taking a dive at the one of the many diving spots.
  • For lovers of golf the course to the east of Kyrenia possesses perhaps the best views of any course in the Mediterranean.
  • Between the months of Fabruary and May a climb to the peak of Buffavento Castle will elevate your spirit. 
  • There are ample possibilities to join some of many walking or bird watching tours that regularly take place. 

Kyrenia – The Pearl of Cyprus Tourism

Situated between the Five Finger Mountains(The Northern Range) and the Mediterranean Sea, Kyrenia is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and evocative cities of the Mediterranean. It is blessed with beautiful sandy beaches the length of its coastal strip and also possesses the greatest concentration of touristic facilities. In terms of its geographical location, its history and its natural beauty as well as the enchanting Mediterranean Sea, Kyrenia is truly blessed. Beyond the coastal littoral upon which the town stands lies the mountain chain through which a narrow pass allows passage to the interior of the island.

Kyrenia is truly the perfect place for relaxing holiday. Without doubt, one of the town’s most evocative places is the old horseshoe shaped harbour which has become the symbol of the city. Here, the old buildings of the Venetian, Ottoman, and British Colonial, periods and the delightful restaurants, bars and small hotels offer tourists an unrivalled atmosphere of charm and fascination. And, as if not already beautiful enough, during the summer months Kyrenia bursts into colour with the vibrant hues of its fishing boats and yachts.

From the historical perspective, Kyrenia offers its visitors immense riches; Amongst the must see places are the historical harbour, Kyrenia Castle and the Ancient Shipwrecked Museum housed within it, St Hilarion Castle and Bellapais Abbey.

On the fringe of the historical harbour stands the imposing Kyrenia Castle. It is the largest and the best preserved castle in all of Cyprus and bears the indelible traces of the Byzantine, Lusignan and Venetian periods. One inside the castle visitors can see the Lusignan Dungeons, a recreation of the Vrysi Neolithic Settlement, The Akdeniz Village Tomb, The Kirni Village Tomb, The Lusignan and Venetian Towers and, of course, the Mediterranean’s second oldest recovered sunken trading vessel in the Ancient Shipwreck Museum.

All of these features; The castle and the harbour, as well as the most beautiful example of Gothic architecture in Cyprus at the Bellapais Abbey, and all its other attractions put Kyrenia at the very heart of North Cyprus’s tourism industry.

Situated in the foothills of the Five Finger Mountains, The Bellapais Abbey, built in the early XIII century, is the Eastern Mediterranean’s  finest example of Gothic architecture. The English writer Lawrence  Durell, who wrote his novel “Bitter Lemons” relating his experiences whilst sojourned in Cyprus, bought and restored a house in Bellapais village.


Kyrenia Old Harbour

Kyrenia Old Harbour

Located in the beautiful and richly historic town of Kyrenia in northern Cyprus, Kyrenia Harbour is a small but charming place, where you will find everything from calm ambiance and soothing atmosphere to beautiful views and stunning surroundings.

The harbour is filled with yachts and boats, and the landscape is somewhat dominated by the fascinating Kyrenia Castle. When you visit Kyrenia Harbour you will find the beautiful sea stretching out ahead of you, and the breathtaking mountains providing a stunning backdrop to the harbour.

This is a place where you can soak up natural beauty, relax, and spend time soaking up the charm, character, and atmosphere of the area. You will find a number of eateries and places to sip a drink when you come to Kyrenia Harbour, and you can look forward to sitting by the sparkling waters as you admire the view, have a bite to eat, or take in a cooling drink.

The harbour once housed a number of warehouses, from which products were exported, but most of these have now been turned into eateries. When you come to Kyrenia Harbour you will find a number of shops to browse around, charming cafes and bistros, and exciting markets.

The harbour is particularly enchanting in the evenings, when you can enjoy the gentle breeze and the beautiful views combined with unique charm and a lively atmosphere. Kyrenia Harbour has become one of the focal points in this town, and those visiting the harbour will find everything from fabulous views and places to explore to plenty of opportunities to simply relax and spend some quality time with both locals and other visitors.

This harbour is also known for its rich history. Visitors to the harbour can also spend time exploring the area surrounding the harbour, where you can stroll charming cobbled streets, as well as taking a gentle stroll along the promenade.

The cooling temperatures from the sea and the mountains makes the harbour a great place to go to escape the heat, making it ideal for an afternoon of rest or exploration.

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